Saturday, January 26, 2008

Blog Blog Everywhere

Blogs are everywhere. What makes them so intriguing? I have not yet to figure that out so I will continue to write until it dawns upon me. Seriously, blogging is beneficial for several reasons. It allows you 1.) to promote your website, 2.) to save thoughts 3.) and to allow others to benefit from your blog. Also, it is entirely free, depending on which service you might use. One of the most advantageous components of blogging is affiliate marketing... that if if one has enough traffic, substantiated by referrals through Adsense, it could potentially be a very profitable endeavor. Then again, most people will not be able to get sufficient traffic, but it is still a realistic notion for a computer geek. The internet, in and of itself considering I helped to invent it :), j/k, is a new frontier of endless possibilities. Not many years ago did the internet even exist. Now, the internet is a means of survival for many businesses. Where would we be without it? Nonetheless, the internet has its flaws as well. I am not just talking about the evils associated with it. I am talking about the evil of using 56 k (dial-up). It is nearly unfathomable to go back to using a slow connection after having participated or delved into the seemingly instantaneous worldwide phenomenon of cable internet only hindered by our personal limitations continued into them. Meaning... that the possibilities for advancing technology... or should I say that technology has no place in the world like some very famous people have once implied at one time. The internet has no practical place in the world today is what some have said. That is funny. The internet being impractical? Let me give you a few invaluable sources of entertainment/pleasure/perks of using the internet: movie downloads, music downloads, gaming, e-mail, making money, buying anything and everything, blogging, chatting, presentations, developing knowledge through online books (learning), and bringing people together. Supposedly, the internet is primarily beneficial or congruent with what people want or crave according to the "necessary" implementation by bringing or allowing society to become more fully automated by providing a means for people to communicate, share, laugh, and interact with one another so as to further grow, not inhibit, the exceedingly abundant desire for people to "advance themselves" in ways once not thought possible by previous generations. Simply put, the internet is a network/community of people who give and receive helpful information. If only my computer would make coffee for me, that is Starbucks. Then I would be impressed. However, I do have my coffee maker 2 feet from my computer, which is definitely good. I once saw a computer with a coffee maker installed, which is by no means impractical or impossible. All one would have to do is do some rewiring of the standard power supply into a standard power cable. Nonetheless, I do have one contingency with this notion. On second thought, I have no problem because the coffee would allow me to continue to use the internet both day and night until my brain collapsed because of exhaustion. Realistically though, who puts a coffee maker into a computer unless they are addicted to it? Maybe between the computer and the coffee maker, most people would be completely content, not needing anything because the computer, which is an addiction, and the coffee maker, which would obviously not be an addiction for any American (not really), would provide true happiness for the general public.... a sad but realistic notion to contemplate. Do Christians accept the world for what it is? Are Christians ready for the Judgment Day? This is not meant to be a sermon, but an exaltation or representation of what Christians admonish is profess to believe. Sermons are good, but sometimes they are exhaustive. It is like this. Remember the preacher who preached 30 minutes, 2 hours, then 4 hours long? His response to this weird, extraneous variation was that he had accidentally slipped on his wife's dentures that morning that he spoke so long, not that he was so long-winded himself. Is that sexist? No, it is just a joke. So, do not forget to laugh abundantly because I am obviously the best joke-teller on this website, the only one, but we will overlook this small formality. I am not sure how that relates to coffee or computers except in one respect, that is life. When you do not know how to compare something, just say it is universally sound. For instance, let us say that you burn tires for a living, not environmentally friendly, of course. All you have to do is stick some "eco-friendly" sticker on the papers documenting the burning, and you are good to go. It does not matter that the air is polluted by toxic gas, which could kill people if taken to an extreme. What matters is that you wholeheartedly subscribed to the idea of appearing to be amicable to your environment, your world. So, next time, you think about blowing up something that should not be blown up, just remember that if you make it sound good, then everything will be all right. This is obvious not right, but that is the way people think or act, moreover. Enjoy reading and post any creative ways of making yourself seem friendly despite your horrendous ways of destroying the earth for subsequent persons or the next generation. Great website.