Saturday, January 26, 2008

Theological Insinuations

What defines a person? With implication, people are people. Metaphorically speaking, if you give a dog a bone, then the dog will readily accept. Give a person or tantalize a person with something, and he/she will gradually relinquish cherished ideals in an effort to subvert him/herself to a consciously defiant notion, even subconsciously. How is this true? Normally, the derivative thought of a particular situation is coherent with actual tendencies of an individual. In other words, I tend to suspect underlying notions in people when communicating with them, which is strange, but ever so true. Can I read minds? I have not quite developed that cool ability, but before too long, I will have achieved maximum mind-reading capabilities through getting my doctors in psychology over the internet. I am not serious, merely humoring myself. Nonetheless, I suppose my point is not to think that people are who they present themselves as. It could be life altering. Say you believe a person is a particular way or potentially could change. Reality says people rarely change. However, about not noticing certain behaviors of a person or choosing to ignoring them, is the dangerous part, for sure. I have come to realize that people lead you to believe they are ethical, educated, and admirable in many respects of the word, but I find it hard to believe that people are this way when their actions indicate differently. People like to lie, basically. Are you honest? Jesus told the truth. Should not we ourselves? Anyways, a world without liars, cheater, mockers, etc. would be unrecognizable in forethought considering our present situation. The Bible says we are "heathens" by nature. Just imagine how different the world would be if everybody loved their brothers and sisters. The world would be very different. You could actually trust people. What an estranged thought! Even at a Christian University (Freed Hardeman), I have many friends or know people would I would not trust as far as they could be thrown or so the expression goes. I once had a "brother" in China who willingly accept my money, but he ended up not giving me my merchandise. His response was to ask for more money, and he would ship it upon arrival of the payment. You see... he was a "deacon" in the Catholic church, he told me. He also was a "God-fearing" man, not only that he was my "brother." His stand was that he would never deceive a friend because it would offend his conscious. I just thought about that preconceived notion for a while. In actuality, he would probably do anything to get money. If you had not noticed, the world is not a friendly place. Watch out for con artists or as the game warning suggests "Challenge Everything." Skepticism is not an impractical viewpoint. It is pragmatic. In olden days, people could trust one another or so I hear. That must be why we hear so much about "the good ole days." I want icecream for a nickel. It sounds like a good deal to me. Cokes for cheap as well? Sign me up. We, as a race, have retrogressed from philanthropic doctrinal admonitions and believed the "wiles of the Devil." Are we as a people improving or getting worse? Ask yourself and see what personal validification can be incorporated to help change the world... to make a different in a secular society. The power of one can implement positive growth. Never underestimate trying to do the right thing. Jesus is Lord. Remember: do not trust people either, generally speaking. Food for thought: Are we addicted to sin?

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Dale said...

The old saying "Buyer Beware" is very true when making purchases.