Wednesday, January 30, 2008

For what reason do we date?

The title may seem to have an obvious answer, and it is pretty obvious. We want a companion. We want someone to do stuff with like be outdoors and stroll around the neighborhood, which are not negligible things, but desirable. We want sex. We want commitment. We want to be entertained as well. That is why humor is of great importance, like my face is humorous to many. If you are religious, then you want someone of "like" faith. Given the right variables, everyone progresses towards relationships, but not everyone gets the girl or guy of their dreams (reality). My question is: "How do we get the girl or guy of our dreams?" For me, I only date girls. So, I'll address some methods of approaching girls in an order to build a relationship, which will last. However, that doesn't mean that many of the dates you go on should continue into anything else, like marriage. Stay away from some girls or guys. Be prudent by not allowing sexual allurement transfix, subsequently blinding, our minds to their "true colors." Back to the original thought of dating, there are certain things a man can do to make women be naturally attracted to them. Confidence is #1 in my book. It seems to be the most important. That is something I do not have much problem with. Normally, I would tend to be labeled as very confident by nature, but to tell the truth, everybody worries about what the other individual thinks. Furthermore, I would encourage guys/girls to seek after their passions/goals/interests with great intensity, not ignoring spiritually identifiable and positive characteristics that pertain to Christian ideology though. Let's get down to the nitty-gritty. If a guy wants to date a girl, does he walk up to her and ask her out? Would you say "Would you like to go out sometime?" without knowing someone? The vast majority of people would not because we care extremely what other people think about us. Honestly, I don't like to play games. Games are rather sickening. Ever had that vomit in your throat before when you regurgetate something? That's how I feel about "playing" the other person by saying one thing and doing another. Be consistent. Don't deceive. Personally, I do not mind asking a girl out I do not know. From a realistic perspective, some say yes... others say no. I would encourage this activity to a point because it's fun and it's interesting and it's unique and it's cool and it's just something that most people don't do! I revel in the unexpected (not preconceived) notions of life. You see... life is a lot like salsa... too much of it, and it bogs you down, but the right amount helps relinquish fears and fulfill desires. Ok.... maybe salsa isn't the greatest comparison, but you do see my point. Doing something different isn't going to kill you. So, if you're reading this... don't be getting any ideas that I want you to send me crude, vile, obscene stuff; however, I would like for you to consider this: any good-looking girls who are passionate about seeking a reputable man should call 931-832-9824. Actually, I'm just joking. Don't call that number 1. because it's the wrong number 2. because i'm going to give you my e-mail address. (website:, which is really my address.
Women, if you are in Henderson, TN area 38340, then you know who to message or if you just wanted to move out here or are in the immediate vicinity. I wouldn't want to exclude anybody because it could be bad. Now, most women wouldn't want to contact a total stranger, but I would venture to guess that certain women, who I personally admire, the idea wouldn't bother too much. It would probably be best if the girls who didn't feel comfortable not call anyway because we apparently have different personalities. Fair enough? Not to say I wouldn't ever consider dating someone who was a little more reserved, just saying that that type of personality tends not to blatantly call some "stranger." Anyways, now that I've thoroughly exhausted the topic, I will be interested to see if there are any takers. You see with the internet nowadays, pictures are readily accessible, and if you want to see some outdated stuff or learn more about me you can check out my facebook at And if you were wondering, yes, I am wierd. I bet you though... deep down... somewhere.... hardly known to man, that you too have particular tendencies that others think is "different." Now, I know that concept is completely absurd and totally incongruent with the nature of humans, that is changing, but I still hold to my personal, yet conscience beliefs. So, if you don't think along those lines, then that's ok. I forgive you. You see... if everybody were the same, the uniformity of the world would tend to be bothersome/aggravating/however you want to put it. Then again, we like to be comfortable, don't we? I understand that most people will be scared off by this post, and quite frankly, I would be surprised if you were not because the tendencies of a man/woman are typically construed around regular/habitual behaviour. If you are wondering why I am saying all this, it is because I don't understand how to communicate with people. To tell the truth, I've lived beneath a cellar my entire life and have never even spoken with a persona on an intellectual basis having no conceptual and purposeful notion of potentially marrying someone. Essentially, I am boring and that's the only way for me to relate to people because I am absolutely not pragmatic about anything and hope that no one thinks that I am "normal" because my tendencies defy sociologically, somewhat scholarly, and pervasively the behavioural pattern of the most commonly conceived idealistic notions of the modern man living in the 21 century. Just so you know, that was sarcasm. I like to be different because it helps pass the time by for me. If you didn't notice, I'm somewhat of a hyper personality, a little, not extremely; however. Hope you enjoyed this post. There are more to come.

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Dale said...

Pretty funny. So you have lived your entire life under the cellar. Very interesting.
Keep up the varied blogs.