Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Social Involvement or the Lack There of

Everybody wants to be part of a group; however, numerous people revel in being in the "exclusive" or "elite" social club, which is discrimination on some level. Their attitude says "I'm better than you. Don't try to be like me." If there were one quality that described Americans and probably people, in general, it would be ethnocentricism. That is the belief that your religion, your way of life, your preferences are dominant to that of anybody else's, and even if you believe that, it is not wise to voice such thoughts, inherently. Imagine what a world would be like without all the relational contingengies and hatred and bitterness, etc., even if it seems like an improbable/impossible thought or perfectionism. Some people genuinely strive for righteousness, no doubt. Where have all the Christians gone? At Freed Hardeman, it is hard to give an exact percentage, but a lot of people don't practice the organized religion being expressed. If people in the church are not practicing their beliefs, what hope is there for the world? There isn't hope as far as preaching the Gospel to them, which would be the reason why the church has remained stagnant or leveled-off or has hit a plateau is because of sin. When people act accordingly, other people notice that cultural variation naturally and purposely. On the contrary, if that ideology is not expressed, then secularism sets in, which is the prominent mindset. Just to illustrate the situation: it would be difficult to talk to somebody I don't know for fear of being viewed as wierd or extraneous for simply expressing a greeting or I would be ignored soon after the initial greeting of "hi" or "hello." The purpose of a Christian is to be friendly and display the LOVE of Christian to every person, even your enemies, which is very hard.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


What is life? Life is important. How you manage things determines the outcome. There are certain things I would like to achieve in particular such as a girlfriend, enough money, stronger faith, and ultimately happiness. Sometimes these things seem out of reach, and in some sense they are, and some can be attained, but I am not willing to do what it might take because of the nature of the exhibition, which relates to ethics and modes of thought, generally speaking. I suppose everyone is called or theoretically liable to do what is necessary within reason to meet such needs and desires for fear of discontent. The experiences of life are interesting, and I will never understand a great about life; however, I know I look at things from a different perspective than most everybody, which I tend to take pride in because being different is what makes things less monotonous, subsequently exciting. Snowboarding is one normal thing that I do that is my favorite activity. Anyways, it's getting late, can't concentrate, which is not something much different from my typical behavior.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Psychological Warefare: What is it and what are the implications?

Everybody knows what it means to suffer in one way or another. Another term for it would be agonizing. Particulars about life don't seem to make sense, even if there is a logical reason to the "chaos." For instance, if someone cannot get what they want, like a certain girl or a certain grade because of extraneous circumstances, which means unpredictable and somewhat unalterable, then anger and resentment sets in, naturally so. Furthermore, the nature of the response or the response should theoretically be positive without acting immature, like losing at Halo. Essentially, people behave however they want to behave without there being an exact rhyme or reason to the subject, which aggravates me because I try to be rational about things, even if I am not rational. Everyone should try to become more rational and not do things just because someone else told them to or because it's always been done that way or just because they feel like it, etc. These tendencies are related to human nature a great deal, which apparently is something we have to live with, and I accept the notion of an imperfect society, even I hold contingencies with how people conduct themselves, which all too often is characterized by indifference, known as apathy. People are people. We can't change that, but there are some ways to turn the tide on a positive note. Human psychology is a very sensitive topic. Understanding humans presents a major challenge, but a major opportunity at the same time. With women, it is difficult to get them to pay attention to you, especially if they are gorgeous because they are conditioned to think that they should be attained by someone who extraordinary ability or have vast financial things (assets) or be extremely good-looking, and not just women, but men have this same stereotypical mindset. If you do not fall into this categorical realm, then essentially you are a nobody, which is epitomized when you come in contact with someone and try to communicate with them. Even my friends, which you would not think so, often harbor resent in there heart, and even if they did, it shouldn't bleed over, which the key word is "shouldn't." If you haven't noticed, a lot of things in life are very well-formed or permanent about the behavior of people, in general, which makes me want to have no friends, but without friends, we become challenged emotionally because of a lack of social availability or interaction, and everybody loves to build themselves up, which happens on a daily basis. It is not my intention to say that I am not selfish; however, it is my intention to say that people have an entirely different outlook on I believe how God views humanity, which is with relentless love and compassion. Even if we have heard the Word, we still reject it. If you don't believe me, then look around. More than likely, you have already looked around; furthermore, I probably should encourage you to evaluate your own thoughts, which probably coincide with that of other people, unless you are a spiritual person more so than most, which would still be indicative of a less than perfect lifestyle, in order to understand how most people think, and the essence of the mode of thought is based on false pretenses (negative inherently) because rather than serving others, we believe serving our self is what is good. Consequentially, we purposefully, but not so purposefully, lay a trap, dig our own grave, commit suicide eternally (if taken to extremes), by ignoring the practicality of the Biblical mandates of He who made us all. It is not my intention to condemn, but to help, even if that means condemning to a point. I am not cynical, but real, which I may be cynical at times, which is just further proof of human corruption, which is based on debauchery and fraud, ultimately. Friendships are good, but only if they care for the well-being of the other, which in foresight, you should not trust people unless they have proved themselves to be honorable, which hopefully is wisdom, but in reality, how would you know to trust me considering you don't know me giving that advice, which would furthermore beg the question whether or not the advice is sound, but going on the advice I said, you would not trust me consequentially, which would adhere to my advice after all, and by not adhering the advice, you adhere the advice, which means you should not adhere the advice, which is confusing, but if you choose to adhere, then you will be listening, lacking insight, but if you don't listen then you will be listening with insight by not listening. So it's best to listen without listening for fear or listening. Does that make any sense? Wow. I just confused myself, not hard to do... lol.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


It seems to me that humans, in general, spend a lot of time trying to understand their true meaning in life. I know I do. People strive to understand why they do things, which in reality, I probably do more than most people because I am different or should I say I am completely ordinary? If you knew me, that would be apparent sarcasm; however, one thing that I can't seem to reconcile is this. My brain functions or processes a lot of information quickly, which is no mystery to me, but it is extremely difficult for me to focus on a particular topic because I am so disinterested, which is something I am still trying to understand. Someone might say that I simply am unintelligent; therefore, it would not be practically feasible for me to expect to understand the seemingly complicated matters associated with existence. To which I would respond, I just know what I know. It's easy for me to understand human relations and what makes people tick, but it is difficult for me to pay attention in math, for instance. It's not that I can't understand it, but it's that I can't understand it. It seems like it should click because my mind is always analyzing information sporadically. If I could learn to concentrate, then I would be much better off, essentially. If anybody has any practical suggestions, I would appreciate them. Do you understand my dilemma? It's not that I'm entirely stupid. It's that I can't focus. Even if I try to pay attention, my mind is daydreaming with great consistency, which is an apparent sign of intelligent igornance. The mind is very complicated, and basically I believe it is impossible to learn without being interested in your topic (not that you can't learn, just that it is much easier to do so when you have a reason to do so).

Monday, February 11, 2008

Understanding Intelligence

Some of the posts/articles may seem rather random, and I'm sure they are; however, they do have a particular objective in mind, which is substantiated by evidence. Intelligence is one of the most sought after abilities known to man. Overwhelmingly, intelligence is a natural ability (assuming you have it). However, someone who isn't intelligent per se can learn to become more analytical and prudent by devoting the mind to certain habits. Anyways, intelligence is primarily a gift. It is easy to tell the intelligence of an individual according to how they construe their words. If their sentences are complex by and large, then more than likely, they possess qualities of an intellectual. Another determinant in my assertion would be whether or not they can think outside of the box. It is common knowledge anybody can do this; however, normally more intelligent people don't accept life at face value. If they tend to question things (thought-oriented), then they have a high degree of intelligence. That is why I look for a girl who thinks more on a computational level rather than the socially acceptable exalted frame of mind. These kinds of people are sometimes regarded as weird and extraneous because of their tendencies to think outside of the box rather than the normal way of thinking. The mind tends to accept things that it finds formidable, logically. School is not formidable in my mind because it's monotonous, which I suppose is where this post will inevitably lead. Sometimes, this ability is bothersome because it allows you to see into peoples' thoughts, which means you make judgments that would otherwise be left unnoticed. The truth can be frightening. Can it not? I love it when people think analytically. I get along better with those people. I am a people person. If you are wondering whether or not you are intelligent, here is a good determinant. In some social situation (assuming you have emotional intelligence, which you may have cognitive intelligence, which is based in education or school), are you able to communicate with people and get your point across? This test is dependent on whether or not you are interested in conveying your message as well. If you can effectively communicate with people and "win them over," then that probably means you possess a high IQ inherently. These thoughts are not proven by any conventional methods. They are only beliefs, which become more and more every day I live on this earth. I hope this was boring for you. I enjoyed writing it.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Analytical Thoughts

People spend their lives in pursuit of various ambitions normally related to desire, which serves as a catalyst to incur positive action ensued prospectively by success. In other words, we all want things, which is brought about by our ability to reason and comprehend and act appropriately, which relates to psychological factors, in essence. What is the purpose of thought? Thought prompts us to ask why and how to achieve a particular objective as time plays a critical role. All the geniuses in the world have purposed in their heart to maximize their current situation by ignoring distractions and striving towards the goal, which theoretically has an end result that is consummated by pertinent and quality feedback with regards to our personal lives. If someone wants to be great, they must think with similar, positive thoughts. Lack of desire or apathy inhibits our ability to control our "destiny." Is there a way to achieve interest in an uninteresting facet of our existence? I have not found any yet. Here are a few practical suggestions to become better at things, in general. We do this because interest greatly encourages our ability to succeed ultimately. It is amazing how interest is so important. Advice:
1.) School is boring, inherently. I suppose it's important to think along the lines that the end-result would be a good job at some point in time due to dedication and intelligence. This is feasible by continuing thinking that this material will help land me a job someday. When things become monotonous, simply think that this useless material will help me in the long run, which is my fundamental problem. Theoretically, desire will be the determining factor. Women sometimes don't know what they want. You must want something with great intensity to achieve success (bottom-line).
2.) Don't give into peer pressure. If everybody else is doing, it then that's probably a good sign not to do it... If we value their syndication too much, we gradually become who they are with incredible precision. We resemble our company a lot. It is important to learn to be an individual and not to be influenced by what others think or you will always be looking; henceforth, satisfaction is not present or imminent in our lives.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thinking About Nothing

Blogging is interesting, and this post is rather random, but I suppose it will be beneficial to read. If it's not, then you don't have to not not pay me still. So, subsequently, you can do so. So, I figure I need to right content that is relevant to what people want. What do people want? However, to understand what people want, you have to think analytically. Also, it is important to note to think outside of the box as well. So, how to people think outside of the box? People think outside of the box by not caring too much what other people think. It's actually very interesting. We are conditioned to think a particular way, which is psychology (the study of the human mind and behavior.) You have people who have to have everything in perfect order all the time. I don't feel that way. Being different is fun. I think everybody wants to be different. Girls want to date different guys. We worry about things that are trivial too much. Prospectively, girls do not want to date a "strange" guy because it challenges their position or who they are. I have never cared what people think about me, if I wanted to do something, which is what I am cultivating everyday. The mind is constrained by what people think. You may call it an obsession. Everybody is entitled to their perspective, right or wrong. I get along better with people who are real. It is important to be different. We don't do what we want because it is scary. I could do better, and life isn't enjoyable to me unless I think differently. For instance, you know... you shouldn't use a numbering system when mailing because the complicated 5 digit system may very well confuse the postman or "If you were a nose, I would not pick you." Honestly, the mind is an interesting place. What land do you live in? These random thoughts are geared to make you think about why you do what you do and whether or not you should continue to do so because quite frankly some of the most successful people were able to try and experiment new things. They did not care if people thought they were stupid.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Ignorance is bliss. Everybody has heard that expression before; however, there is more to that expression than the surface level interpretation. What do I mean? Most people assume that work is derived from dedication primarily, that is people achieve according to their ability to be consistent in their behavior and frame of mind. What I am saying is that true analytical geniuses strive for success in ways that are not according to socially acceptable means of personal exaltation and excellence. It is easy to tell intelligence by the way people construe their verbiage, generally speaking (assuming that person has a desire to connect socially). I do not understand how the brain works to a great extent, but what I do know is that focus is not the only factor that affects the true ability of the mind to quantify its potential. Gaining knowledge is directly connected with promotional strategies. Stupidity is not the root of the problem inherently. Stupidity as far as lack of interest because you do not choose to study is ignorant. My mind works very in depth. It receives constant feedback from my environment, which I want to excel socially and individually; furthermore, it is not a problem for me to correlate and be socially coherent with how people interpret particulars of situations. I believe my mind has the ability to reason very well so that I could eventually, pending upon a current improbability, scrutinize and develop cognitive theories that tend to boggle our existence like the Theory of Relativity, which that in and of itself is an actual representation of my current dilemma, that is I do not like analyzing stuff that doesn't pertain to me intellectually. How do I implement qualitative and qualitative means to succeed? It is a great disadvantage to be disinterested/apathetic. You can understand how the mind works, but honestly, the realization is that theories ultimately neglect the true contingency of the matter. It depends on who you are, truthfully. For instance, I tend to hate social situations because what people are saying are completely hard for me to understand because it doesn't relate to me. I like to listen to people because I know that it is beneficial for your spiritual condition to ascertain its importance. School is seemingly unimportant because the material is usually unimportant. My interest has to be pricked to become better at something. Predominantly, I suppose I need to think that school is important because it will help me to pay attention. How do I do that? In theory, it's a way of life. In the real world, a college education would potentially land me a job. Right now, I'm typing in class when I should be listening. I'll attempt to learn.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Meaning Of Life

I am convinced that most people do not realize or understand their true meaning in life. Instead, they spend life wondering what to do, which to an extent, this is true for everyone. I believe the primary reason is for a lack of motivation, logically. People will do more if they have a reason to do well. People have to be centered/geared around a particular objective or purpose in order to substantiate themselves in the modern world so as to benefit themselves or others substantially. Most people do not realize this, and at times, it can be frustrating, but at the same time, it's obviously reality. It's a short post, but I wish people would be more focused on what they profess rather than being noncommittal about most everything. End of feed.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Creativity Is the Spice of Life

What does it mean to be creative? It means to have an outlook that is innovative, practical in some regard, and different as well. The purpose of creativity is to initiate change in a positive manner referred to as growth. Sometimes the goal encouraged by ambition and sparked by desire is stunted due to difficult circumstances such as depression, a death in the family, or any number of things. Furthermore, that is why I believe true success, other than being a Christian, in a secular sense, depends highly upon an ability to create or revisit particular points in history so as to learn from the last, but not be inhibited by the nature of the future. Supposedly, everyone does not have the "mindset" of a great or terrific leader/figure head. It may be true that not everyone has the personality to be President, for instance; however, it is my personal conviction that with time, strength, and purpose most anyone can potentially alter in a positive way the seemingly discouraging components of life, which we all experience. In some sense, this blog is geared to be focused around encouragement. I do not think that people are good to encourage, and I think we desperately need support. Why don't we encourage? Normally, we are too wrapped in "promoting" ourselves, making us like God in our own minds. You never know how much good kind words mean to a person. Shouldn't we love our brothers? It's just a good thing to do, even if you don't believe in the Bible. We need friends, not foes. This is a short blog entry, but these are some of the thoughts that have been floating around in my head. Most of the time people are not considerate of how others feel. :( There is definitely room for improvement. Show some concern, and I believe that the world will be more peaceable and a better place to live rather than being selfish. Food for thought: Analytically, doesn't it make you feel a lot better when someone compliments your attire or really anything without brown-nosing you? It makes anybody feel good. That should be a highly effective habit of someone who have a lot of friends. I'm sure it is. On the contrary, people will resent your company if you tend to criticize and demeanor them, which predicts the impending doom of the relationship if continued upon and not changed to benefit each other. LOVE has, is, and always will be of critical importance. As a Christian, it is important to love the "unlovable." That is something that is not easy by any means, and people would do well to incorporate the notions associated with Christianity so as to please Jesus. I state my views on life here not to convert you but to express my thoughts, and I respect your opinions as well. Everything is so much better if people are not trying to steal, kill, abandon, and hurt other people in general. Picture a world completely opposite of our own, and you will get a good idea of what it would be like. Truthfully, people have a long way to go before perfection. Even though perfection is not a realistic concept, it is still good to aspire to become perfect in thought and deed. Everybody is selfish. Jesus was selfless. The world doesn't understand the notion of "giving." Do Christians understand the notions of giving? I don't think we do. Nobody really does. Sinners? Faith is the victory? It has come to my realization that people are not interested in helping others. It seems to be their sole interest (myself included many times) to see how much we can accumulate, which is ironic considering the ultimate destination of everything. We cannot fathom serving others. If someone masters that, then they are acting ideally. Secularism is pervasive. Let us remember that no one can enter heaven except through the gate, which is narrow. Few enter, but happy are those who do. Our lives beyond this life hinge on our decisions. We should not fall so short. Our Father does not want us to sin. He wants to see us be like Him. The notions of Christianity are derived from looking to others, not looking inward. Selfishness, in summary, is a temporary form (like a quick fix) to achieve something we want in exchange for our hearts, which represents our souls or who we are. Exceedingly so, no Christian can profess to being perfectly sinless, but we strive for perfection because we know that in the end, it will have been more than worthwhile when we see God for His true majesty enthroned in the heavenly places surrounded by those that worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Jesus is coming soon. Are you ready?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Attention Span... what's that?

Attention Span… What Is That?
If I knew that, then I wouldn’t be writing this, would I? So, analytically, attention is defined by the ability of the mind to concentrate particularly on a particular thought, which is not constrained to defining circumstances. That means that our mind functions on a level as to our current awareness to a great degree. An intellectual person may not be able to achieve maximum potential because he or she does not know how to relate the content in their minds, which if they truly are intellectual, then even though the conceptual framework of a question is complicated and challenging, then that does not necessarily inhibit the nature of the response, which theoretically would be an accurate view. In reality, that is what it is. It is a viewpoint. My contingency is that I wish that the viewpoint could be scientifically underwritten that is to say that by simply concentrating on the matter that the subject or object of attraction would become undeniably apparently and useful. If you’re reading this and comprehending it, then you understand my brain is in the upper echelon of intelligence. I am not seeking praise. What I am seeking is counsel. Who wants counsel for being smart? Not to be smart-alike, but it is almost like you have to be a particular way to fully understand the implications. I hope you don’t take it that I am egotistical. Some people are just gifted. I am gifted, but challenged. Everybody has abilities in one respect or another though. What I would like to know is how to be genuinely interested in something that I am not interested in, which is made more complicated by the fact that I don’t have the greatest attention span in the world either. What a phenomenal predicament! Maybe I’m predestined to be stupid because apparently I was born with half a brain, but the half that is existent is good. Mortal minds have their fallacies. The pragmatic notion would be to strive to incorporate interest into a subject; however, how do I make myself love the Iliad? I think intelligence is not defined by intellectual premonitions or IQ. It is defined by intention, which is purposed through dedication. However, if IQ is viable, then the thought of advancing the mind is basically infinite in complexity and forethought. The key ingredient is to incorporate a desire to be where you are. How you do that is left up to you. I have not come up with a logical solution yet. I just know that from the evidences that this is the case… how the mind is directed. So, if you didn’t get anything out of this, get this. If you are not interested in something, then you might as well do something else. Is that simple enough (not to denote you’re inferior in “smarts”?
A frustrated and slightly confused individual (You may find the post below this more interesting as far as content is concerned. This was just a personal thoughts post.)

For what reason do we date?

The title may seem to have an obvious answer, and it is pretty obvious. We want a companion. We want someone to do stuff with like be outdoors and stroll around the neighborhood, which are not negligible things, but desirable. We want sex. We want commitment. We want to be entertained as well. That is why humor is of great importance, like my face is humorous to many. If you are religious, then you want someone of "like" faith. Given the right variables, everyone progresses towards relationships, but not everyone gets the girl or guy of their dreams (reality). My question is: "How do we get the girl or guy of our dreams?" For me, I only date girls. So, I'll address some methods of approaching girls in an order to build a relationship, which will last. However, that doesn't mean that many of the dates you go on should continue into anything else, like marriage. Stay away from some girls or guys. Be prudent by not allowing sexual allurement transfix, subsequently blinding, our minds to their "true colors." Back to the original thought of dating, there are certain things a man can do to make women be naturally attracted to them. Confidence is #1 in my book. It seems to be the most important. That is something I do not have much problem with. Normally, I would tend to be labeled as very confident by nature, but to tell the truth, everybody worries about what the other individual thinks. Furthermore, I would encourage guys/girls to seek after their passions/goals/interests with great intensity, not ignoring spiritually identifiable and positive characteristics that pertain to Christian ideology though. Let's get down to the nitty-gritty. If a guy wants to date a girl, does he walk up to her and ask her out? Would you say "Would you like to go out sometime?" without knowing someone? The vast majority of people would not because we care extremely what other people think about us. Honestly, I don't like to play games. Games are rather sickening. Ever had that vomit in your throat before when you regurgetate something? That's how I feel about "playing" the other person by saying one thing and doing another. Be consistent. Don't deceive. Personally, I do not mind asking a girl out I do not know. From a realistic perspective, some say yes... others say no. I would encourage this activity to a point because it's fun and it's interesting and it's unique and it's cool and it's just something that most people don't do! I revel in the unexpected (not preconceived) notions of life. You see... life is a lot like salsa... too much of it, and it bogs you down, but the right amount helps relinquish fears and fulfill desires. Ok.... maybe salsa isn't the greatest comparison, but you do see my point. Doing something different isn't going to kill you. So, if you're reading this... don't be getting any ideas that I want you to send me crude, vile, obscene stuff; however, I would like for you to consider this: any good-looking girls who are passionate about seeking a reputable man should call 931-832-9824. Actually, I'm just joking. Don't call that number 1. because it's the wrong number 2. because i'm going to give you my e-mail address. derekpavatte@cafes.net (website: http://www.greatdiamondsforless.com), which is really my address.
Women, if you are in Henderson, TN area 38340, then you know who to message or if you just wanted to move out here or are in the immediate vicinity. I wouldn't want to exclude anybody because it could be bad. Now, most women wouldn't want to contact a total stranger, but I would venture to guess that certain women, who I personally admire, the idea wouldn't bother too much. It would probably be best if the girls who didn't feel comfortable not call anyway because we apparently have different personalities. Fair enough? Not to say I wouldn't ever consider dating someone who was a little more reserved, just saying that that type of personality tends not to blatantly call some "stranger." Anyways, now that I've thoroughly exhausted the topic, I will be interested to see if there are any takers. You see with the internet nowadays, pictures are readily accessible, and if you want to see some outdated stuff or learn more about me you can check out my facebook at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=38422509. And if you were wondering, yes, I am wierd. I bet you though... deep down... somewhere.... hardly known to man, that you too have particular tendencies that others think is "different." Now, I know that concept is completely absurd and totally incongruent with the nature of humans, that is changing, but I still hold to my personal, yet conscience beliefs. So, if you don't think along those lines, then that's ok. I forgive you. You see... if everybody were the same, the uniformity of the world would tend to be bothersome/aggravating/however you want to put it. Then again, we like to be comfortable, don't we? I understand that most people will be scared off by this post, and quite frankly, I would be surprised if you were not because the tendencies of a man/woman are typically construed around regular/habitual behaviour. If you are wondering why I am saying all this, it is because I don't understand how to communicate with people. To tell the truth, I've lived beneath a cellar my entire life and have never even spoken with a persona on an intellectual basis having no conceptual and purposeful notion of potentially marrying someone. Essentially, I am boring and that's the only way for me to relate to people because I am absolutely not pragmatic about anything and hope that no one thinks that I am "normal" because my tendencies defy sociologically, somewhat scholarly, and pervasively the behavioural pattern of the most commonly conceived idealistic notions of the modern man living in the 21 century. Just so you know, that was sarcasm. I like to be different because it helps pass the time by for me. If you didn't notice, I'm somewhat of a hyper personality, a little, not extremely; however. Hope you enjoyed this post. There are more to come.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Theological Insinuations

What defines a person? With implication, people are people. Metaphorically speaking, if you give a dog a bone, then the dog will readily accept. Give a person or tantalize a person with something, and he/she will gradually relinquish cherished ideals in an effort to subvert him/herself to a consciously defiant notion, even subconsciously. How is this true? Normally, the derivative thought of a particular situation is coherent with actual tendencies of an individual. In other words, I tend to suspect underlying notions in people when communicating with them, which is strange, but ever so true. Can I read minds? I have not quite developed that cool ability, but before too long, I will have achieved maximum mind-reading capabilities through getting my doctors in psychology over the internet. I am not serious, merely humoring myself. Nonetheless, I suppose my point is not to think that people are who they present themselves as. It could be life altering. Say you believe a person is a particular way or potentially could change. Reality says people rarely change. However, about not noticing certain behaviors of a person or choosing to ignoring them, is the dangerous part, for sure. I have come to realize that people lead you to believe they are ethical, educated, and admirable in many respects of the word, but I find it hard to believe that people are this way when their actions indicate differently. People like to lie, basically. Are you honest? Jesus told the truth. Should not we ourselves? Anyways, a world without liars, cheater, mockers, etc. would be unrecognizable in forethought considering our present situation. The Bible says we are "heathens" by nature. Just imagine how different the world would be if everybody loved their brothers and sisters. The world would be very different. You could actually trust people. What an estranged thought! Even at a Christian University (Freed Hardeman), I have many friends or know people would I would not trust as far as they could be thrown or so the expression goes. I once had a "brother" in China who willingly accept my money, but he ended up not giving me my merchandise. His response was to ask for more money, and he would ship it upon arrival of the payment. You see... he was a "deacon" in the Catholic church, he told me. He also was a "God-fearing" man, not only that he was my "brother." His stand was that he would never deceive a friend because it would offend his conscious. I just thought about that preconceived notion for a while. In actuality, he would probably do anything to get money. If you had not noticed, the world is not a friendly place. Watch out for con artists or as the game warning suggests "Challenge Everything." Skepticism is not an impractical viewpoint. It is pragmatic. In olden days, people could trust one another or so I hear. That must be why we hear so much about "the good ole days." I want icecream for a nickel. It sounds like a good deal to me. Cokes for cheap as well? Sign me up. We, as a race, have retrogressed from philanthropic doctrinal admonitions and believed the "wiles of the Devil." Are we as a people improving or getting worse? Ask yourself and see what personal validification can be incorporated to help change the world... to make a different in a secular society. The power of one can implement positive growth. Never underestimate trying to do the right thing. Jesus is Lord. Remember: do not trust people either, generally speaking. Food for thought: Are we addicted to sin?

Blog Blog Everywhere

Blogs are everywhere. What makes them so intriguing? I have not yet to figure that out so I will continue to write until it dawns upon me. Seriously, blogging is beneficial for several reasons. It allows you 1.) to promote your website, 2.) to save thoughts 3.) and to allow others to benefit from your blog. Also, it is entirely free, depending on which service you might use. One of the most advantageous components of blogging is affiliate marketing... that if if one has enough traffic, substantiated by referrals through Adsense, it could potentially be a very profitable endeavor. Then again, most people will not be able to get sufficient traffic, but it is still a realistic notion for a computer geek. The internet, in and of itself considering I helped to invent it :), j/k, is a new frontier of endless possibilities. Not many years ago did the internet even exist. Now, the internet is a means of survival for many businesses. Where would we be without it? Nonetheless, the internet has its flaws as well. I am not just talking about the evils associated with it. I am talking about the evil of using 56 k (dial-up). It is nearly unfathomable to go back to using a slow connection after having participated or delved into the seemingly instantaneous worldwide phenomenon of cable internet only hindered by our personal limitations continued into them. Meaning... that the possibilities for advancing technology... or should I say that technology has no place in the world like some very famous people have once implied at one time. The internet has no practical place in the world today is what some have said. That is funny. The internet being impractical? Let me give you a few invaluable sources of entertainment/pleasure/perks of using the internet: movie downloads, music downloads, gaming, e-mail, making money, buying anything and everything, blogging, chatting, presentations, developing knowledge through online books (learning), and bringing people together. Supposedly, the internet is primarily beneficial or congruent with what people want or crave according to the "necessary" implementation by bringing or allowing society to become more fully automated by providing a means for people to communicate, share, laugh, and interact with one another so as to further grow, not inhibit, the exceedingly abundant desire for people to "advance themselves" in ways once not thought possible by previous generations. Simply put, the internet is a network/community of people who give and receive helpful information. If only my computer would make coffee for me, that is Starbucks. Then I would be impressed. However, I do have my coffee maker 2 feet from my computer, which is definitely good. I once saw a computer with a coffee maker installed, which is by no means impractical or impossible. All one would have to do is do some rewiring of the standard power supply into a standard power cable. Nonetheless, I do have one contingency with this notion. On second thought, I have no problem because the coffee would allow me to continue to use the internet both day and night until my brain collapsed because of exhaustion. Realistically though, who puts a coffee maker into a computer unless they are addicted to it? Maybe between the computer and the coffee maker, most people would be completely content, not needing anything because the computer, which is an addiction, and the coffee maker, which would obviously not be an addiction for any American (not really), would provide true happiness for the general public.... a sad but realistic notion to contemplate. Do Christians accept the world for what it is? Are Christians ready for the Judgment Day? This is not meant to be a sermon, but an exaltation or representation of what Christians admonish is profess to believe. Sermons are good, but sometimes they are exhaustive. It is like this. Remember the preacher who preached 30 minutes, 2 hours, then 4 hours long? His response to this weird, extraneous variation was that he had accidentally slipped on his wife's dentures that morning that he spoke so long, not that he was so long-winded himself. Is that sexist? No, it is just a joke. So, do not forget to laugh abundantly because I am obviously the best joke-teller on this website, the only one, but we will overlook this small formality. I am not sure how that relates to coffee or computers except in one respect, that is life. When you do not know how to compare something, just say it is universally sound. For instance, let us say that you burn tires for a living, not environmentally friendly, of course. All you have to do is stick some "eco-friendly" sticker on the papers documenting the burning, and you are good to go. It does not matter that the air is polluted by toxic gas, which could kill people if taken to an extreme. What matters is that you wholeheartedly subscribed to the idea of appearing to be amicable to your environment, your world. So, next time, you think about blowing up something that should not be blown up, just remember that if you make it sound good, then everything will be all right. This is obvious not right, but that is the way people think or act, moreover. Enjoy reading and post any creative ways of making yourself seem friendly despite your horrendous ways of destroying the earth for subsequent persons or the next generation. http://www.homestarrunner.com Great website.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Is dating like religion?

Dating women is extremely complex. Women think one way. Men think another. They are polar opposites. Truly, it is hard to find the right girl. Essentially, women are sociologically defined. They want to be uniform with the situation. So, the way to set yourself apart is to be different. If you're in class, do something somewhat stupid to "get your name out there." People like stupid to a point. So, how to go about asking a girl out. Don't ask her, but don't tell her either, case in point. Suggestively, say "why don't we go out sometime?" or "I was wondering if we could go out sometime." Quite honestly, if she is not willing to get to know you, then I would move on. Instead, most people pursue that girl until the end of the world, which is demoralizing for the man. I have done this before, but I have realized how that can debase a man. In a sense, being yourself is the way to go to get girls attracted to you unless being yourself means being too obnoxious, rude, crude, demeaning, etc. Just remember: women want to date nice guys. They just need to think that you're still human, which if just by being human means you attract girls, then should not every guy have a girlfriend? I just left to bring a jacket to a friend of mine so I lost my train of thought. Yes, I actually did; however, the point I'd like to make from that to reiterate the theme of this post is this. By acting unique or simply saying what you think, you are way ahead of the game. I do not write this to say that I have women figured out. I am not sure that that is practically feasible. So, is it wise to ask a girl out without knowing her? If you do not mind getting multiple "no's" and some "yes's." Then that is perfectly ok. However, my advice would be to wait to get to know the girl. I have been known to ask out girls I do not know, but it tends to have a lower return rate, if you know what I mean as far as keeping the girl. So, it may be profitable to get to know the girl first off. 1. She feels more comfortable. 2. You know better if you would like to date her beyond looks. I suppose what it all comes down to is courage. I would say that by being courageous we validate ourselves because honestly everyone is searching. What would it be like if every girl you asked out said yes. Most everybody or everybody would say that that notion is unrealistic. Practically, it is; however, I am addressing increasing your odds, which is supported through this idealistic response to dating. If you think like someone who has a girlfriend, which would be someone who could date a lot of girls, then that is a step in the right direction. Psychologically, girls are flattered by being asked out. Moreover, they do not like being asked out. So, I guess the real question is. What does a girl look for in a boyfriend? Since we have established the relatively obvious notion of asking the girl or suggestively indicating, the next philosophy is more personal. If your figure is large, then that does not necessarily mean you can not get a date. Women are more attracted to certain body types, naturally. If you are muscular, then yes, you are a more keen object of attraction obviously. So strive to be fit unless there are some women who just like guys with big builds. It is certainly possible. I leave some things to chance. Regarding most guys with a typical build, we should address what other guys do who date "all the girls." What exactly is it that they do?
Is it that much different? Truly, it is not that different. So, logically, "Why don't I have a girlfriend?" The reasons are attributed primarily to situational ethics, circumstances, and preference. What does all that mean? The guys who get all the girls are not that much different, but they are very different. From my experience, girls will date most any guy given the right variables. I am suggesting that life is construed around singular tendencies like altering the structural flow due to a seemingly insignificant variable. Furthermore, what is that specific secret? I will not even charge a bunch of money for this opinion. Be creative. Does it not make sense? I have not statistically analyzed this statement; however, I am tempted to. Nonetheless, your imagination is the key to relationship success. At the same time, opinionated guys will come across as self-seeking. I am one of those guys. Inherently, that is not helpful. Subsequently, it helps the overall prejudicial view from women that a particular man would be a pushover is she were to date him. I am talking the real world here. You will be forgotten without being different to her. That is the cold, hard truth. Believe it or not. I am not trying to sound egotistical, like I have all the girls because I do not. I am actually single at the moment, and I would prefer to be dating, but I am in the process of dating more women. I do this by being focused on the goal. I tend not to walk up to girls and ask them out anymore though I do encourage that if you have never really dated before because even if you get rejected, it becomes much easier with time. Instead, I get to know the girl, and then I ask her out informally but passionately. What do I say? Actually, it is all circumstantial, but let me give you an example. "It's just my opinion, but I think we should go out sometime." Everybody is different, and that is what characterizes us. However, this are some of my reflections. Take it for what it is worth. Just do not be that guy who girls would date but do not date because the implications of asking a girl out are too difficult/burdensome. Essentially, you will succeed through perseverance unless you do not have a face at all or head.

Practical Implications

The world is perishing. Everything has a definite end in this life. Christians believe that this life is not all there is. Atheists hold the opposing viewpoint. Putting theological notions aside, we are all the same in some respect. We all want to obtain things which we believe will assist us in the present life. Money is one factor of high regard, of course. Who does not want more money? However, as we know, many of the "methods" on the internet, for instance, are scams empowered by con artists. Who is there to trust nowadays? htt://www.greatdiamondsforless.com is one legitimate website. Anyways, what do we want out of life? I like to think that if we can think it, then we can obtain it to a great extent. There are obvious limitations to this notion or it would be preconceived. Judicially, we should do that which benefits us the most in a given situations, which even though I said spiritual notions aside, I will say that it should be done in moderation so as not to be labeled as anti-Christian. So, in the process of generating business, what techniques allow us to facilitate this idea? Social skills and intellect and dedication are all very important. To further elaborate on the psychological, people are hard pressed to think differently. We act according to that which we have been taught, logically. Is that necessarily evil? It is not evil, but there may be other alternatives to become wealthy, and quite honestly, I believe it helps to "think outside the box" the majority of the time, which is highly controversial among people. For instance, if someone tells you not to do something, do you listen to them? If you want something, do you allow the obstacles in life deter you from your goals? Are you afraid of failure? I have tried to cultivate a line of thinking that does not regard what others "think" about me because it creates individualistic tendencies. Most people like to "fit in," and I am not condemning that. I am simply suggesting something. Do not be afraid to do something new just because you have never done it before. More can be achieved by not caring/worrying about everything... bottom line. Even if you fail, you still have learned. Just learn from your mistakes and move on.
Our failures are stepping stones for greatness. We may not enjoy failure, but it is necessary. Everybody fails, but not everybody succeeds because of failure, and not everybody fails, but not for fear of succeeding. In other words, do not be afraid of succeeding because trying new things can result in great success. How do you define success? Success is in the eye of the beholder, respectively. Considerably, by presenting an honest effort, our motivation sometimes consummates in what we want. Sometimes it does not, but one thing is for sure. If we never try, then we simply cannot succeed... ever. Do you agree? People are frightened of getting out of their comfort zones. I encourage you to be your own person. You may like what you see. Life is not meant to be lived by confining your thoughts. Express yourself within limitation. It is not wrong to do so. Just because not everybody does it, does it make it bad or wrong or badong? I hope you enjoy these posts.

Religious Freedom

What is religious freedom? Religious freedom is a notorious concept throughout American history. It is resolute in our past to a great degree as compared to other nations of the world. That is not to insinuate that we have absolutely construed our religious affiliations appropriately. However, there is much religious freedom in the United States. That is a great blessing. In my personal assertion, I am a member of the Winchester Church of Christ (not to create dissension). I a simply expressing my own understanding. Everybody is entitled to their viewpoint ultimately. So, subsequently, by having various religious implications because we all do, this freedom makes us who we are. Is it not great to have this liberty available? What would it be like if we were born in other places without these notions of liberty? However, can religion be a deterrent to harmony? Speaking from the evidence, it is a valid concept to state religion promotes the onslaught of others (victimization or cruel slaughter). I do not believe it makes all religions evil. Comparably, if one person kills another, does that make all people murderers? Absolutely not! If one religion kills many individuals in the "name of God," does that make all religions associated with evil? I find that concept contrary to understanding faith for what it is, which again, I am not in a position to dictate your interpretation. I solely express my beliefs here; however, I do encourage feedback because I find discussion intriguing. So, what do you think? Just keep it respectable or your post will be deleted faster than you can say your own name.

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