Thursday, January 31, 2008

Creativity Is the Spice of Life

What does it mean to be creative? It means to have an outlook that is innovative, practical in some regard, and different as well. The purpose of creativity is to initiate change in a positive manner referred to as growth. Sometimes the goal encouraged by ambition and sparked by desire is stunted due to difficult circumstances such as depression, a death in the family, or any number of things. Furthermore, that is why I believe true success, other than being a Christian, in a secular sense, depends highly upon an ability to create or revisit particular points in history so as to learn from the last, but not be inhibited by the nature of the future. Supposedly, everyone does not have the "mindset" of a great or terrific leader/figure head. It may be true that not everyone has the personality to be President, for instance; however, it is my personal conviction that with time, strength, and purpose most anyone can potentially alter in a positive way the seemingly discouraging components of life, which we all experience. In some sense, this blog is geared to be focused around encouragement. I do not think that people are good to encourage, and I think we desperately need support. Why don't we encourage? Normally, we are too wrapped in "promoting" ourselves, making us like God in our own minds. You never know how much good kind words mean to a person. Shouldn't we love our brothers? It's just a good thing to do, even if you don't believe in the Bible. We need friends, not foes. This is a short blog entry, but these are some of the thoughts that have been floating around in my head. Most of the time people are not considerate of how others feel. :( There is definitely room for improvement. Show some concern, and I believe that the world will be more peaceable and a better place to live rather than being selfish. Food for thought: Analytically, doesn't it make you feel a lot better when someone compliments your attire or really anything without brown-nosing you? It makes anybody feel good. That should be a highly effective habit of someone who have a lot of friends. I'm sure it is. On the contrary, people will resent your company if you tend to criticize and demeanor them, which predicts the impending doom of the relationship if continued upon and not changed to benefit each other. LOVE has, is, and always will be of critical importance. As a Christian, it is important to love the "unlovable." That is something that is not easy by any means, and people would do well to incorporate the notions associated with Christianity so as to please Jesus. I state my views on life here not to convert you but to express my thoughts, and I respect your opinions as well. Everything is so much better if people are not trying to steal, kill, abandon, and hurt other people in general. Picture a world completely opposite of our own, and you will get a good idea of what it would be like. Truthfully, people have a long way to go before perfection. Even though perfection is not a realistic concept, it is still good to aspire to become perfect in thought and deed. Everybody is selfish. Jesus was selfless. The world doesn't understand the notion of "giving." Do Christians understand the notions of giving? I don't think we do. Nobody really does. Sinners? Faith is the victory? It has come to my realization that people are not interested in helping others. It seems to be their sole interest (myself included many times) to see how much we can accumulate, which is ironic considering the ultimate destination of everything. We cannot fathom serving others. If someone masters that, then they are acting ideally. Secularism is pervasive. Let us remember that no one can enter heaven except through the gate, which is narrow. Few enter, but happy are those who do. Our lives beyond this life hinge on our decisions. We should not fall so short. Our Father does not want us to sin. He wants to see us be like Him. The notions of Christianity are derived from looking to others, not looking inward. Selfishness, in summary, is a temporary form (like a quick fix) to achieve something we want in exchange for our hearts, which represents our souls or who we are. Exceedingly so, no Christian can profess to being perfectly sinless, but we strive for perfection because we know that in the end, it will have been more than worthwhile when we see God for His true majesty enthroned in the heavenly places surrounded by those that worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Jesus is coming soon. Are you ready?

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Dale said...

"I do not think that people are good to encourage, and I think we desperately need support. Why don't we encourage? Normally, we are too wrapped in "promoting" ourselves." As quoted from your blog. I agree completely. If you want to be 'great' then become a great encourager.