Thursday, January 24, 2008

Religious Freedom

What is religious freedom? Religious freedom is a notorious concept throughout American history. It is resolute in our past to a great degree as compared to other nations of the world. That is not to insinuate that we have absolutely construed our religious affiliations appropriately. However, there is much religious freedom in the United States. That is a great blessing. In my personal assertion, I am a member of the Winchester Church of Christ (not to create dissension). I a simply expressing my own understanding. Everybody is entitled to their viewpoint ultimately. So, subsequently, by having various religious implications because we all do, this freedom makes us who we are. Is it not great to have this liberty available? What would it be like if we were born in other places without these notions of liberty? However, can religion be a deterrent to harmony? Speaking from the evidence, it is a valid concept to state religion promotes the onslaught of others (victimization or cruel slaughter). I do not believe it makes all religions evil. Comparably, if one person kills another, does that make all people murderers? Absolutely not! If one religion kills many individuals in the "name of God," does that make all religions associated with evil? I find that concept contrary to understanding faith for what it is, which again, I am not in a position to dictate your interpretation. I solely express my beliefs here; however, I do encourage feedback because I find discussion intriguing. So, what do you think? Just keep it respectable or your post will be deleted faster than you can say your own name.

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Dale said...

Yes, I believe in religious freedom. In today's society the liberal media makes the religious out to be bumbling, intolerent, bigots. Those who hold to Judeo-Christian ethics are viewed as enemies of the government. (No prayer in school or sporting events, no Bible reading in school, no nativity scenes on courthouse property, no posting of 10 commandments in government buildings, etc.) Thomas Jefferson and our founding fathers did not believe so much in separation of church and state as separation in "a" church and state. In other words, no 'one' church is to control our government. Our government was in fact founded on faith in God in general and faith in Jesus as His son.