Saturday, February 9, 2008

Analytical Thoughts

People spend their lives in pursuit of various ambitions normally related to desire, which serves as a catalyst to incur positive action ensued prospectively by success. In other words, we all want things, which is brought about by our ability to reason and comprehend and act appropriately, which relates to psychological factors, in essence. What is the purpose of thought? Thought prompts us to ask why and how to achieve a particular objective as time plays a critical role. All the geniuses in the world have purposed in their heart to maximize their current situation by ignoring distractions and striving towards the goal, which theoretically has an end result that is consummated by pertinent and quality feedback with regards to our personal lives. If someone wants to be great, they must think with similar, positive thoughts. Lack of desire or apathy inhibits our ability to control our "destiny." Is there a way to achieve interest in an uninteresting facet of our existence? I have not found any yet. Here are a few practical suggestions to become better at things, in general. We do this because interest greatly encourages our ability to succeed ultimately. It is amazing how interest is so important. Advice:
1.) School is boring, inherently. I suppose it's important to think along the lines that the end-result would be a good job at some point in time due to dedication and intelligence. This is feasible by continuing thinking that this material will help land me a job someday. When things become monotonous, simply think that this useless material will help me in the long run, which is my fundamental problem. Theoretically, desire will be the determining factor. Women sometimes don't know what they want. You must want something with great intensity to achieve success (bottom-line).
2.) Don't give into peer pressure. If everybody else is doing, it then that's probably a good sign not to do it... If we value their syndication too much, we gradually become who they are with incredible precision. We resemble our company a lot. It is important to learn to be an individual and not to be influenced by what others think or you will always be looking; henceforth, satisfaction is not present or imminent in our lives.

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