Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Social Involvement or the Lack There of

Everybody wants to be part of a group; however, numerous people revel in being in the "exclusive" or "elite" social club, which is discrimination on some level. Their attitude says "I'm better than you. Don't try to be like me." If there were one quality that described Americans and probably people, in general, it would be ethnocentricism. That is the belief that your religion, your way of life, your preferences are dominant to that of anybody else's, and even if you believe that, it is not wise to voice such thoughts, inherently. Imagine what a world would be like without all the relational contingengies and hatred and bitterness, etc., even if it seems like an improbable/impossible thought or perfectionism. Some people genuinely strive for righteousness, no doubt. Where have all the Christians gone? At Freed Hardeman, it is hard to give an exact percentage, but a lot of people don't practice the organized religion being expressed. If people in the church are not practicing their beliefs, what hope is there for the world? There isn't hope as far as preaching the Gospel to them, which would be the reason why the church has remained stagnant or leveled-off or has hit a plateau is because of sin. When people act accordingly, other people notice that cultural variation naturally and purposely. On the contrary, if that ideology is not expressed, then secularism sets in, which is the prominent mindset. Just to illustrate the situation: it would be difficult to talk to somebody I don't know for fear of being viewed as wierd or extraneous for simply expressing a greeting or I would be ignored soon after the initial greeting of "hi" or "hello." The purpose of a Christian is to be friendly and display the LOVE of Christian to every person, even your enemies, which is very hard.

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