Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Psychological Warefare: What is it and what are the implications?

Everybody knows what it means to suffer in one way or another. Another term for it would be agonizing. Particulars about life don't seem to make sense, even if there is a logical reason to the "chaos." For instance, if someone cannot get what they want, like a certain girl or a certain grade because of extraneous circumstances, which means unpredictable and somewhat unalterable, then anger and resentment sets in, naturally so. Furthermore, the nature of the response or the response should theoretically be positive without acting immature, like losing at Halo. Essentially, people behave however they want to behave without there being an exact rhyme or reason to the subject, which aggravates me because I try to be rational about things, even if I am not rational. Everyone should try to become more rational and not do things just because someone else told them to or because it's always been done that way or just because they feel like it, etc. These tendencies are related to human nature a great deal, which apparently is something we have to live with, and I accept the notion of an imperfect society, even I hold contingencies with how people conduct themselves, which all too often is characterized by indifference, known as apathy. People are people. We can't change that, but there are some ways to turn the tide on a positive note. Human psychology is a very sensitive topic. Understanding humans presents a major challenge, but a major opportunity at the same time. With women, it is difficult to get them to pay attention to you, especially if they are gorgeous because they are conditioned to think that they should be attained by someone who extraordinary ability or have vast financial things (assets) or be extremely good-looking, and not just women, but men have this same stereotypical mindset. If you do not fall into this categorical realm, then essentially you are a nobody, which is epitomized when you come in contact with someone and try to communicate with them. Even my friends, which you would not think so, often harbor resent in there heart, and even if they did, it shouldn't bleed over, which the key word is "shouldn't." If you haven't noticed, a lot of things in life are very well-formed or permanent about the behavior of people, in general, which makes me want to have no friends, but without friends, we become challenged emotionally because of a lack of social availability or interaction, and everybody loves to build themselves up, which happens on a daily basis. It is not my intention to say that I am not selfish; however, it is my intention to say that people have an entirely different outlook on I believe how God views humanity, which is with relentless love and compassion. Even if we have heard the Word, we still reject it. If you don't believe me, then look around. More than likely, you have already looked around; furthermore, I probably should encourage you to evaluate your own thoughts, which probably coincide with that of other people, unless you are a spiritual person more so than most, which would still be indicative of a less than perfect lifestyle, in order to understand how most people think, and the essence of the mode of thought is based on false pretenses (negative inherently) because rather than serving others, we believe serving our self is what is good. Consequentially, we purposefully, but not so purposefully, lay a trap, dig our own grave, commit suicide eternally (if taken to extremes), by ignoring the practicality of the Biblical mandates of He who made us all. It is not my intention to condemn, but to help, even if that means condemning to a point. I am not cynical, but real, which I may be cynical at times, which is just further proof of human corruption, which is based on debauchery and fraud, ultimately. Friendships are good, but only if they care for the well-being of the other, which in foresight, you should not trust people unless they have proved themselves to be honorable, which hopefully is wisdom, but in reality, how would you know to trust me considering you don't know me giving that advice, which would furthermore beg the question whether or not the advice is sound, but going on the advice I said, you would not trust me consequentially, which would adhere to my advice after all, and by not adhering the advice, you adhere the advice, which means you should not adhere the advice, which is confusing, but if you choose to adhere, then you will be listening, lacking insight, but if you don't listen then you will be listening with insight by not listening. So it's best to listen without listening for fear or listening. Does that make any sense? Wow. I just confused myself, not hard to do... lol.

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