Monday, February 11, 2008

Understanding Intelligence

Some of the posts/articles may seem rather random, and I'm sure they are; however, they do have a particular objective in mind, which is substantiated by evidence. Intelligence is one of the most sought after abilities known to man. Overwhelmingly, intelligence is a natural ability (assuming you have it). However, someone who isn't intelligent per se can learn to become more analytical and prudent by devoting the mind to certain habits. Anyways, intelligence is primarily a gift. It is easy to tell the intelligence of an individual according to how they construe their words. If their sentences are complex by and large, then more than likely, they possess qualities of an intellectual. Another determinant in my assertion would be whether or not they can think outside of the box. It is common knowledge anybody can do this; however, normally more intelligent people don't accept life at face value. If they tend to question things (thought-oriented), then they have a high degree of intelligence. That is why I look for a girl who thinks more on a computational level rather than the socially acceptable exalted frame of mind. These kinds of people are sometimes regarded as weird and extraneous because of their tendencies to think outside of the box rather than the normal way of thinking. The mind tends to accept things that it finds formidable, logically. School is not formidable in my mind because it's monotonous, which I suppose is where this post will inevitably lead. Sometimes, this ability is bothersome because it allows you to see into peoples' thoughts, which means you make judgments that would otherwise be left unnoticed. The truth can be frightening. Can it not? I love it when people think analytically. I get along better with those people. I am a people person. If you are wondering whether or not you are intelligent, here is a good determinant. In some social situation (assuming you have emotional intelligence, which you may have cognitive intelligence, which is based in education or school), are you able to communicate with people and get your point across? This test is dependent on whether or not you are interested in conveying your message as well. If you can effectively communicate with people and "win them over," then that probably means you possess a high IQ inherently. These thoughts are not proven by any conventional methods. They are only beliefs, which become more and more every day I live on this earth. I hope this was boring for you. I enjoyed writing it.

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