Tuesday, February 12, 2008


It seems to me that humans, in general, spend a lot of time trying to understand their true meaning in life. I know I do. People strive to understand why they do things, which in reality, I probably do more than most people because I am different or should I say I am completely ordinary? If you knew me, that would be apparent sarcasm; however, one thing that I can't seem to reconcile is this. My brain functions or processes a lot of information quickly, which is no mystery to me, but it is extremely difficult for me to focus on a particular topic because I am so disinterested, which is something I am still trying to understand. Someone might say that I simply am unintelligent; therefore, it would not be practically feasible for me to expect to understand the seemingly complicated matters associated with existence. To which I would respond, I just know what I know. It's easy for me to understand human relations and what makes people tick, but it is difficult for me to pay attention in math, for instance. It's not that I can't understand it, but it's that I can't understand it. It seems like it should click because my mind is always analyzing information sporadically. If I could learn to concentrate, then I would be much better off, essentially. If anybody has any practical suggestions, I would appreciate them. Do you understand my dilemma? It's not that I'm entirely stupid. It's that I can't focus. Even if I try to pay attention, my mind is daydreaming with great consistency, which is an apparent sign of intelligent igornance. The mind is very complicated, and basically I believe it is impossible to learn without being interested in your topic (not that you can't learn, just that it is much easier to do so when you have a reason to do so).

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