Sunday, February 24, 2008


What is life? Life is important. How you manage things determines the outcome. There are certain things I would like to achieve in particular such as a girlfriend, enough money, stronger faith, and ultimately happiness. Sometimes these things seem out of reach, and in some sense they are, and some can be attained, but I am not willing to do what it might take because of the nature of the exhibition, which relates to ethics and modes of thought, generally speaking. I suppose everyone is called or theoretically liable to do what is necessary within reason to meet such needs and desires for fear of discontent. The experiences of life are interesting, and I will never understand a great about life; however, I know I look at things from a different perspective than most everybody, which I tend to take pride in because being different is what makes things less monotonous, subsequently exciting. Snowboarding is one normal thing that I do that is my favorite activity. Anyways, it's getting late, can't concentrate, which is not something much different from my typical behavior.

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