Monday, February 4, 2008


Ignorance is bliss. Everybody has heard that expression before; however, there is more to that expression than the surface level interpretation. What do I mean? Most people assume that work is derived from dedication primarily, that is people achieve according to their ability to be consistent in their behavior and frame of mind. What I am saying is that true analytical geniuses strive for success in ways that are not according to socially acceptable means of personal exaltation and excellence. It is easy to tell intelligence by the way people construe their verbiage, generally speaking (assuming that person has a desire to connect socially). I do not understand how the brain works to a great extent, but what I do know is that focus is not the only factor that affects the true ability of the mind to quantify its potential. Gaining knowledge is directly connected with promotional strategies. Stupidity is not the root of the problem inherently. Stupidity as far as lack of interest because you do not choose to study is ignorant. My mind works very in depth. It receives constant feedback from my environment, which I want to excel socially and individually; furthermore, it is not a problem for me to correlate and be socially coherent with how people interpret particulars of situations. I believe my mind has the ability to reason very well so that I could eventually, pending upon a current improbability, scrutinize and develop cognitive theories that tend to boggle our existence like the Theory of Relativity, which that in and of itself is an actual representation of my current dilemma, that is I do not like analyzing stuff that doesn't pertain to me intellectually. How do I implement qualitative and qualitative means to succeed? It is a great disadvantage to be disinterested/apathetic. You can understand how the mind works, but honestly, the realization is that theories ultimately neglect the true contingency of the matter. It depends on who you are, truthfully. For instance, I tend to hate social situations because what people are saying are completely hard for me to understand because it doesn't relate to me. I like to listen to people because I know that it is beneficial for your spiritual condition to ascertain its importance. School is seemingly unimportant because the material is usually unimportant. My interest has to be pricked to become better at something. Predominantly, I suppose I need to think that school is important because it will help me to pay attention. How do I do that? In theory, it's a way of life. In the real world, a college education would potentially land me a job. Right now, I'm typing in class when I should be listening. I'll attempt to learn.

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Dale said...

Typing in class you say? Shame on you. lol
Focus is important. I agree.