Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thinking About Nothing

Blogging is interesting, and this post is rather random, but I suppose it will be beneficial to read. If it's not, then you don't have to not not pay me still. So, subsequently, you can do so. So, I figure I need to right content that is relevant to what people want. What do people want? However, to understand what people want, you have to think analytically. Also, it is important to note to think outside of the box as well. So, how to people think outside of the box? People think outside of the box by not caring too much what other people think. It's actually very interesting. We are conditioned to think a particular way, which is psychology (the study of the human mind and behavior.) You have people who have to have everything in perfect order all the time. I don't feel that way. Being different is fun. I think everybody wants to be different. Girls want to date different guys. We worry about things that are trivial too much. Prospectively, girls do not want to date a "strange" guy because it challenges their position or who they are. I have never cared what people think about me, if I wanted to do something, which is what I am cultivating everyday. The mind is constrained by what people think. You may call it an obsession. Everybody is entitled to their perspective, right or wrong. I get along better with people who are real. It is important to be different. We don't do what we want because it is scary. I could do better, and life isn't enjoyable to me unless I think differently. For instance, you know... you shouldn't use a numbering system when mailing because the complicated 5 digit system may very well confuse the postman or "If you were a nose, I would not pick you." Honestly, the mind is an interesting place. What land do you live in? These random thoughts are geared to make you think about why you do what you do and whether or not you should continue to do so because quite frankly some of the most successful people were able to try and experiment new things. They did not care if people thought they were stupid.

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